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Clinical Clerkship for Foreign Physicians

The forty five member hospitals of the National University Hospital Council (NUHC) are affiliated with 42 national university medical schools, comprising approximately half of all medical universities in Japan. As teaching hospitals, we continue to produce highly qualified physicians and surgeons through our clinical training programs in our excellent educational environment.

Due to increasing demand in the recent years, we have opened our door to facilitate foreign medical professionals to more actively participate in our clinical training programs. Most significantly, the Law concerning the Exceptional Cases of the Medical Practitioners' Act, Article 17, on the Advanced Clinical Training of Foreign Medical Practitioners (2014) now enables foreign doctors to obtain a provisional medical license in Japan. The details of this provisional permit are described in the document Advanced Clinical Training for Foreign Physicians. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience through the various opportunities that may be provided at our teaching and research hospitals under the supervision of world renowned mentors.

Application for the provisional permit shall be made using the forms below to each NUHC member hospital separately, with acceptance made at the discretion of each institution. We appreciate your interest in clinical clerkship at our member hospital and hope your experience may enhance your successful career.

Criteria for Permission
List of Required Documents
Application Form
Liability Insurance
Medical Certificate
Training Program and Consent
VISA application_(Cultural Activities)