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Special Medical Care Fees at the First or Return Visit

This system was established by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare when the medical payment system was revised in April 2016 with the aim of promoting role sharing and business cooperation among medical institutions, which means that early treatment should be handled at local clinics (regular doctors) while advanced and tertiary care is performed at hospitals.

Therefore, it was decided on April 1, 2016 that patients who visit an advanced treatment hospital like this hospital without a referral letter from another medical institution, have to pay a fixed amount of money at the first or return visit (mandatory payment of special medical care fee).

Based on this system, our hospital has collected the following special medical care fee at the first or return visit since April 1, 2016.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Details Fee (including tax)
Special medical care fee at first visit

This is a fee that applies to patients who visit our hospital for the first time without a referral letter in addition to their normal medical fees.
Medical clinical division: 5,500 yen
(Non-taxable case for childbirth: 5,000 yen)

Dental clinical division: 3,300 yen
Special medical care fee at a return visit

(1) Our hospital refers patients who are in a stable condition after treatment to other medical institutions. However, if patients continue to visit our hospital at their own discretion, they have to pay this fee in addition to the normal medical fees.
(2) If patients who have been referred to other medical institutions by our hospital revisit our hospital without a referral letter, they have to pay this fee in addition to the normal medical fees.

*Fees (1) and (2) must both be paid at each visit.
Medical clinical division: 2,750 yen
(Non-taxable case for childbirth: 2,500 yen)

Dental clinical division: 1,650 yen

If you have any questions, please inquire at the payment counter of the Hospital Affairs Division.