About us

Philosophy and Objectives

On October 1, 2003, the School of Medicine Hospital and the School of Dental Medicine Hospital merged to form Hokkaido University Hospital under the Medical Service Act.
As an educational and research facility affiliated with the School of Medicine and the School of Dental Medicine of Hokkaido University, and as Hokkaido’s only medical care facility that provides holistic medicine as well as comprehensive education based on advanced and high-quality integrated medical and dental care, we make every effort to achieve an ideal environment and system based on the basic philosophy to realize the objectives of Hokkaido University Hospital.

Philosophy and Objectives of Hokkaido University Hospital

Philosophy Hokkaido University Hospital provides high-quality medical care, foster excellent medical professionals and contributes to society through the development and provision of advanced medical treatment.
  • To provide safe and reliable patient-oriented medical care
  • To foster highly skilled, yet empathic medical professionals
  • To continuously engage in the development and provision of highly advanced medical treatments
  • To contribute to community healthcare