Clinical Department & Center

Orthopaedic Surgery


Major disorders handled at our department include injuries (fractures, etc.), sports injuries, chronic diseases, tumors, etc. that occur in tissues of the locomotor system of the human body, namely, the bones, joints and ligaments.  
We also handle a broad range of disorders, such as injuries and diseases of nerves excluding those in the brain. Basically, we rarely handle life-threatening diseases, but treat disorders that cause inconvenience of daily activities.


Medical care system

At the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, medical care is provided to approximately 200 outpatients per day and 900 inpatients per year. The number of surgical procedures per year is approximately 800.

Treatment policy

At our department, experts on the following disorders form teams to provide highly advanced medical care. This allows us to offer cutting-edge medical treatment in a broad range of areas from general injuries to sports injuries, chronic diseases, tumors and neurological diseases.   

Areas of medical care

At our department, three clinical groups for upper limbs, lower limbs and the spinal column, respectively, handle daily medical care. These clinical groups also cooperate with each other to form specialist and special outpatient clinics. 
  • Upper limb clinic: disorders of the shoulder joints, elbow joints, hand joints and fingers
  • Lower limb clinic: disorders of the hip joints, knee joints and foot joints
  • Spinal column clinic: disorders of the backbone from the head and neck to the pelvis
  • Sports clinic: disabilities and injuries resulting from sports  
  • Bone/soft tissue tumor clinic
  • Osteoporosis clinic
  • Rheumatism clinic
  • Hemophilia clinic
  • Pediatric congenital diseases clinic (club feet, hip dislocation, etc.)
  • Scoliosis clinic

Consultation hours

Consultation hours for outpatients are until noon, daily from Monday through Friday.  

Major tests and equipment


The latest test equipment is utilized to clarify the disorders.
  • CT, MRI and other imaging systems (inside the hospital)
  • Ultrasound scanner (orthopaedic surgery clinic)
  • Bone mineral density measuring equipment (orthopaedic surgery clinic)


The latest equipment for surgery and post-surgery rehabilitation is introduced.
  1. Surgical microscopic system (surgery room)
  2. Latest equipment for post-surgery rehabilitation (inside the ward)
  3. Surgical navigation system (surgery room)

Medical care results

Our department has developed and implemented treatments for complicated disorders in the orthopaedic surgery field. Among them, cutting-edge treatments that are highly regarded in Japan and elsewhere are outlined here.

Regenerative medicine field: autologous chondrocyte implantation for elbow/knee cartilage injuries  
Development of new treatments for scoliosis
Minimally invasive surgery using computer navigation and an arthroscope for lower limb disorders
Composite tissue transplantation using a microsurgery technique