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Department of Surgical Pathology

The Department of Surgical Pathology is a vitally important department that is responsible for making a pathological diagnosis, a definite diagnosis of disease.

Surgical PathologyPathological diagnosis involves the two major pillars of histopathology and cytodiagnosis. The tissues and cells of a lesion are analyzed through morphological observation using various techniques to report an accurate diagnosis quickly.  
With the sharp increase in the number of requests for a diagnosis, including biopsy diagnosis, surgical diagnosis and intraoperative diagnosis, we perform traditional morphological observations and continue our efforts to directly prove the characteristics and gene alterations unique to a disease and to evaluate therapeutic target molecules in tissue/cell samples.

The accuracy of auxiliary diagnosis, including immunohistochemistry and its wide applications, at our department is attracting nationwide attention. We are actively presenting our know-how and building a close mutual support system with experts in Japan and elsewhere for further improvement.   
We also build fulfilling partnerships with other clinical departments for more appropriate treatment and research by discussing the pathological diagnostic information in detail and evaluating the guidelines/rationale for therapeutic options for each patient at joint conferences frequently held with other clinical departments.    
Through these activities, we support the improvement of the quality of medical care provided at our hospital from a basic position.